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We have the most competitive pricing! Showrooms or Big Box Stores buy stock/standard sizes from out of state factories, or outside of the US, and add a big percentage to cover their fancy overhead and salesperson. Buying from a local factory, you get all the bells and whistles you want, without paying a middle man.


Prop 65 and Green Building Codes for Custom Manufacturing in California protect you by the enforcement of what our local factory can and cannot  buy and use for our cabinetry and casework. We show you the lumber and finishing material/tags used, waterborne & low VOC finishes/stains/glues/FSC certified lumber that you are using and will be in your home or used on your project. It's sort of like you are reading the ingredients in the food you are eating, but now what you are breathing or quality you are getting from ground-up.

What showrooms won't tell you is that they import cabinets from China and overseas. Big box stores also sell cabinets from out of state. Since they are built out of state, these stores are allowed to sell cabinets with high levels formaldehyde and other toxic materials as a finished product. The fact is, cancer cases have risen over 60% since the US started importing cabinets from China and using Chinese lumber.


We build our cabinets for your space. Prebuilt, modular, or semi-custom cabinets use fillers and pieces that puzzle together, trying to make it work in your space. Imagine paying for a product that will look substandard - most showrooms won’t tell you this since they can't build the cabinets themselves.


Also, big box retailers and fancy showrooms won’t tell you if the cabinets/products they sell you do not necessarily fit in your space. They won’t tell you that their product was not sized properly, or that you have to wait a minimum six months for new parts to be shipped in from the Midwest or East Coast, or maybe even China. We rarely encounter issues like this - and if does happen, we will turn your needed parts around in 7-10 business days - within our local shop.


At Modern Custom Cabinets, we offer limitless design options and materials. We will build any special size to your needs. We have at hand a huge selection of styles, colors and wood species. We manufacture 80% of our doors (few shops do), but if there is a wood/style/color/stain you like that isn't in our catalog, we can get it for you, no problem!

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